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  Primeasia University

a mission with a vision


A K M Ashraful Haque

Treasurer, Primeasia University

Office of the Treasurer

12 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, 15th Floor, Star Tower
Banani C/A, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh.
Phone: 02-9822133 (Ext.106)
Email: treasurer@primeasia.edu.bd

Message From Treasurer

It's my pleasure to welcome you all to the office of the Treasurer.

Primeasia University was established in 2003 to promote higher education as well as to contribute in the development of education sector of Bangladesh. From the very beginning of its establishment it has been very firm to ensure quality education. This has been the key of its success and reputation. Primeasia University aims at ensuring quality education fulfilling all the requirements of the University Grant Commission (UGC) to make better citizens. Primeasia University has a wonderful environment for education along with all sorts of facilities. The University is especially committed to serve students who are seeking quality education to pursue excellence in their lives. Furthermore, we have a good blend of experience and young talented teachers with high qualifications who are constantly emphasizing on preparing our students not only for a excellent academic result but also preparing them to take challenges to build a good career.

Once you are in Primeasia University, you are in one of the best academic institution of the country where excellence is nurtured.

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