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Individual Counseling

Many students make use of individual counseling, whereby they can discuss personal issues in a private setting that assures confidentiality and provides the comfort of meeting with a caring and experienced professional who can help them identify stressors and constructive ways to cope. Students may attend a single session, but most students return for five to ten sessions with the same psychologist. Counseling is completely confidential, and students are assured they will have privacy. Professors, deans and parents are not notified that a student is receiving counseling, unless a student requests such contact and signs a release permitting it. The exception is when a student poses a risk to self or others.

Typical Concerns of Students In Personal Counseling

Confusion, anxiety, or depression

Mood variability

Needing help with an important decision


Adjusting to living away from parents

Friendship problems

Romantic concerns

Family concerns–including parental divorce

Compulsive eating

Self-destructive use of alcohol or drugs

Loss of a relationship

Balancing academics and social needs


Illness or death of a friend or family member

Personal trauma such as sexual assault

llness or death of a friend or family member

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