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Rules And Regulation

Offences and Penalties

1.) Possession of incriminating document related to course of examination.

2.) Copying or attempting to copy.

3.) Taking help or attempting to take help from any incriminating document.

4.) Insertion of answer to any question, written outside the examination hall in the answer script.

5.) Writing anything on any part of body or clothes of the student concerned or on chair, table, desk, bench, wall, calculator, instrument box etc.

6.) Having the answers written on the answer scripts by others.

7.) Exchanging of the answer scripts or any part of it or additional answer sheet with other examinee(s).

Student Conduct And Disciplinary Actions


The University reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action in the case of any student who conducts himself / herself contrary to the standards of the University.


Students are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the University. Violations of any rule could either result to a major or minor offence. A minor offence results to a reprimand or to a suspension of 1 to 3 days or a fine of TK. 500 / TK. 1000. A major offence results to a suspension, a dismissal or an expulsion order. The University authority shall determine whether an offence committed constitutes a major or minor offence. It shall, likewise, determine the appropriate sanctions / penalty against students who commit violation or misconduct major.


Offences are those pertaining to violations of any rules and regulations governing student’s conduct and discipline. These sets of guidelines are to be distinguished from the rules and regulations governing scholastic delinquency. They are to be strictly considered as non-academic infractions. They are classified into major and minor offences.

Classification of offences and corresponding penalties

Major Offences- Those that merit suspension, dismissal or expulsion, such as:

Any act which impedes, obstructs, prevents or defeats the rights of any other student to attend his classes.

Possession and or use of intoxicated drinks or regulated drugs inside the campus.

Willful disregard of authority, disrespect, discourtesy and disobedience to any University official, member of the faculty, administration or their representative.

Any act which may disrupt or disturb the peace and order in the classroom and or in the premises.

Threat, Physical assault and or physical injuries to other students or any member of the university staff.

Possession, distribution or perusal of pornographic magazines, pictures, films, cartridges, cards, key chains, figurines and the likes.

Robbery and stealing, extortion in the University.


Malversation of the University or student organization fund.

Unauthorized solicitations in the name of University.

Selling of unauthorized tickets, raffles, lotteries and other fund raising paraphernalia.

Carrying deadly Weapon and / or dangerous weapon including improvised weapon, explosive and incendiaries inside the University.

Drug abuse.

Using profane or indecent language and committing vulgar and obscene acts.

Vandalism or destruction of University property belonging to any member of the faculty, administration and non-teaching staff.

Forgery and falsification and attempt hereof.

Gambling or playing cards inside the campus.

Cheating, lying and giving false statement.

Planning (premeditating individually or in groups) organized activities inimical to the best interest or the University.

Possession and distribution of unauthorized printed materials inimical to public interest.

Having been convicted of a criminal offence before the court of law.

Violation of University’s circulars issued from time to time.

Membership in subversive organizations.

Lobbing for grades.

Committing any act punishable under existing law of the land within and outside the campus, and violation of the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission.

Using the names and seals of the University on printed maters such as progress permission of the University or an authorized representative. Likewise. Representing the University whether individually or in groups, in and off campus conferences, seminars, congresses, rallies, assemblies, congregations, etc. without authorization from the University authority.


Behaving in a way unbecoming of a student.

Tampering, altering or destroying of bulletin board notices, posters, announcements and directions.

Improper use of laboratory equipment, workrooms, libraries, and other school facilities.

Male student entering comfort room for females and vice-versa.

Entering the campus without ID card and using someone else’s ID cards, library card, registration card, receipts, etc.

Acts that may create or cause panic and confusion in the classroom and or in the premises.

Spitting on the floors, corridors, stairways or any act, which may result to the unsanitary, dirty or disorderly condition of the campus.

Unauthorized operation of the University equipment including electrical switches.

Loitering along corridors, staying or sitting in stairways entrances, gates, exits, foyers, railings, passages, fire escapes and the like. Any act that may hamper or block the flow of human traffic.

Unauthorized bringing out of chairs, tables, books, laboratory equipment, audio- visual equipment and the like from rooms and buildings.

The disciplinary committee will decide upon any offence/s not mentioned above.


Dropping – May drop from the role during the school year or term a student is concerned undesirable. The student who is dropped should immediately be issued his transfer credentials.

Suspension – May drop from the role during the school year or term for a maximum period not exceeding 20% of the prescribed schooldays.

Expulsion – Expulsion is usually considered proper punishment for gross misconduct or dishonest.


All students are required to dress and groom themselves neatly, properly, decently and presentably. Students should not be allowed to enter the University premises in the following attire:

Without ID card

Dirty cloths

Half pants


Suggestive, provocative and seductive clothing