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Importance of Chinese Language for Pharmacy Education

Posted on August 15, 2021

The Department of Pharmacy, Primeasia University, organized a seminar on “Importance of Chinese Language for Pharmacy Education” on 11th August 2021 at 1:00 PM through a virtual platform. Almost all the teachers, officers, staff and students of the department attended the ceremony.

The Program started with a Welcome address by the department Chairperson, Professor Dr. Abdul Ghani and introductory speech of the host. Regarding the seminar, the honorable Chairperson said, because of China’s spectacular technological progress and strong economic development, learning the Chinese language will benefit all developing countries including Bangladesh to communicate with the Chinese people and to understand them better.

The session host, Associate Professor Taslima Begum, mentioned that Chinese language has recognized as the second language in Europe and UK. In China, there are many opportunities to pursue higher education in Pharmacy at very low costs and with many resources, facilities and support from the government. They are providing all types of advanced technology related to pharmacy profession for their students as well as for foreign students. If the students can go to China for higher study, they will have the opportunity to learn a lot of skills and knowledge related to Pharmacy. So, there is no alternative to learning the Chinese language if they want to avail all those opportunities. Recently, Primeasia University has launched a course for learning the Chinese language. Hopefully, students will benefit a lot from this language program.

Special guest of the session, the Director of the Institute of Language and Culture, Primeasia University, Professor Dr. Arifatul Kibria introduced the language institute and mentioned the details of the programs of the Institute.

As a session speaker, Lecturer Md. Mahfujul Haque Haidary delivered his speech with valuable

information on importance of Chinese language for Pharmacy education. He said that the Chinese language is the first language that is used all over the world. Almost 874 million people use this language! Just as there are opportunities to learn about new cultures in China, there are also opportunities to do a lot of work. The Mandarin language is not difficult. Their words are simple, but we have to pay attention to their tone.