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The Department of English is one of the most vibrant departments of Primeasia University, which has established its identity as an excellent center for learning the English language. The Department of English at Primeasia began its journey since 2003. English Department is working to help students in building up the language abilities that they need to become in graduate schools and their future lives. It focuses on implementing student-centered and creative language teaching techniques by devel ...

Message From Head


Assistant Professor & Head, Department of English
B.A.(Hons.), Islamic University, Kushtia
M.A., Islamic University, Kushtia

There is no question about the importance of English language competency in the professional world. The Department of English provides a superb opportunity for the students to study the English language. One of the most important skills that the current job market’s demand is the ability to communicate in English. The department of English has been set up to satisfy the requirements for a specific purpose, research, and preparation in the field of competence of the English language. Keeping this in mind, the Department of English offers various types of courses to prepare the graduates ...

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