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Rules & Regulation
Human Resource Office

Leave and extra-ordinary leave

We prefer leave application in advance, leave form must duly filled in. faculties are required to fill the up the form with makeup class routine and send it to HRD with the recommendation of respective for the approval of Vice Chancellor. In case of extra-ordinary leave such as study leave, maternity leave an application must be made other than general leave form with adequate supporting documents and recommendation of the respective head for the approval of the authority.

Employees rejoin after availing long leave

Employee availed unpaid leave must submit his/her re-joining in order to continue their employment with Primeasia University.

Forwarding Letter, No Objection Letter (NOC), Experience Letter, Release Letter

Forwarding letter, NOC, experience and release letters are confidential and restricted documents, therefore, valid reason must be present in front of the authority to avail such certificates. Application must be made with satisfactory documents to support the said necessity.

Recruitment information

Primeasia University publish its recruitment related advertisement on daily newspaper, popular job website and also available in the university website.

Job opportunity

All applications irrespective to faculty, officers must be made through instructed web link guided in the job circular.

Recruitment policy

Primeasia University anticipates talented personnel to join in its wide family. In the process UGC rules are adhered, free from all kinds of interference and eloquent. We offer equal opportunity for all and believe that diversity creates balanced working environment.