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Primeasia University (PAU) Library grew over the years since 1992 and now has become one of the best university libraries in the country. This is the first fully automated university library in the country using Bi-lingual Library Management Software, developed by PAU Library, which supports MARC-21, web-based online lending and receiving, browse databases of books, CDs, journals, newspapers and magazines catalogues, full-text online books and journals, develop institutional repositories, auto email alert services, etc. Its online databases provide full access to all users, facilitates navigation and reservation of books from distant work-stations through its own website The users can also check their borrowing status, renew issued resources and can reserve three books at a time for 48 hours through the library website. This is the only university library in Bangladesh where the Library of Congress Classification System is being used to organize and arrange books, reports, journals and other resources.

The library has introduced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Based Library Management System, jointly financed by World Bank, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh and North South University under the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) from 2010-2012. Now the library users themselves can issue and return books using Self-Check machines and Book Drop boxes. They can also track the books on shelves using tracking machines.


A total of 50,500 books, reports and bound journals, 105,328 online e-books, 1,900 CD-ROM books and databases, 229 DVDs and videos, 159 audio-cassettes of the library cover liberal arts, pure sciences, social sciences and commerce, particularly business, management, marketing, finance, economics, computer science and engineering, telecommunication, electrical engineering, environmental studies, English language and literature, history and culture, psychology, architecture, sociology, pharmacy, public health, biotechnology, biochemistry etc. In addition to these collections, the library subscribes printed issues of 46 foreign and 19 local journals, 18 foreign and 22 local magazines, two foreign dailies and almost all leading national dailies of Bangladesh.

The PAU library is the pioneer of subscribing online journals and MyAthens in the country. It has started subscription to online journals with JSTOR, IEEE, ACM Digital library and 39 titles of online journals in different subjects for the first time in Bangladesh in 2002. It has also started subscription to e-resource databases, namely, EconLit, AHEAD and Global Development Finance in 1998. Now, the library has access to over 50,000 titles of full-text online research journals in various disciplines from 52 agencies and publishers, namely, IEEE, ACM, JSTOR, EBSCO Host, Emerald, Wiley Online Library, Springer, Oxford University Press, American Physical Society, Royal Society, American Institute of Physics, Oxford Scholarship Online, HINARI, OARE, AGORA, TESOL, WIPO, SPIE Digital Library, ASCE Research Library, ASABE Technical Library, UN Data Portals etc. online journals databases and Taylor & Francis , Project MUSE, De Gruyter LIS collection, Agropedia, Oxford Scholarship etc. online journals and online e-books databases.

All registered members of PAU library get access to online journals and e-books databases through Intranet and Internet from inside campus and from outside campus by using MyAthens. Recently the library has introduced Knimbus (federated search) facility to search all subscribed online resources and books from a single platform.

Institutional Repositories

The PAU library has started developing its online journals and books repositories in 2003. These repositories cover books and articles written by teachers, students and researchers of PAU and full-text articles of 160 online subscribed journals from 2002 to date. The numbers of articles and books of these repositories are increasing day by day. To explore institutional repositories please visit

Cyber and Audio-Visual Center

It maintains a cyber and audio-visual center equipped with 50 brand computers with Wi-Fi and broadband Internet connection. In addition to this, the library is donned with 30 computers in its various floors to use online resources for supporting courses. All students, faculty members and staff members of the university can browse, download and print materials from these computers. The audio visual unit is also equipped with TV, VCD, VCR, DVD, multi-media projector and other audio-visual equipments.


At present, the library maintains 12 different sections, namely, arts and social sciences, applied sciences and engineering, bio-medical sciences, reference, periodicals, cyber & audio-visuals, newspaper archive, study hall, faculty corner, Chinese books, acquisition & processing, and library administration to provide better services to its users.


ACurrently, the library provides lending, reference, readers' guidance, internet, reading, news clipping, database searching and printing, CD writing, audio-visual, current awareness, SDI and reprography services to its users. The Wi-Fi and broadband internet connection of the library building help the library users to access online resources easily.

Service Hours

PAU library maintains 7 days a working week. It is open, Sunday through Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Saturday. On Friday, it is open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with a Jumma prayer break from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and maintains single shift from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the semester break. It remains closed on public holidays and other dates announced by the university authorities.

Floor Area and Capacity

The library consists of six floors with over 70,000 sq.ft. area at the south-east side of the PAU campus at Bashundhara, Dhaka. It can accommodate over 1,200 students at a time in its well-furbished reading rooms. On an average 2,000 users use the library everyday.

Orientation and Training

TThe library arranges orientation program every semester for the new students to demonstrate how to use the university library systems and services effectively.

The library also offers a 14-week training program titled 'Certificate Course in Digital & Online Librarianship' for those who are interested to know how to use the Internet resources in higher education and research, and how to design and maintain website, and set up online digital libraries. The faculty members and students of PAU may also enroll in this training course.


All students, teachers, BOT members, officers, teaching assistants, research assistants and faculty assistants are entitled to become the library member.

Membership procedure

The faculty members, students and officers of the university have to submit an online membership form or submit a prescribed Membership Application Form along with one passport size photograph to the administrative section of the library. Chairman or Director or Head of the Department ePAUres identity of the faculty member and officer, but all students have to produce valid registration documents (payment slip & Id card) and TAs (GA & UGA) have to produce teaching assistantship offer letter ePAUring his/her identity. Only registered library users will be able to access to online resources and services of the library from their residence.

Library Rules

APAU library has its own rules, approved by the Academic Council, for functioning well. As per the rules a core or a visiting faculty member may borrow up to 15 books with related materials at a time for the full semester; bound journals, magazines and audio visual materials for a maximum of one week and current issues of journals and magazines for overnight use only. Part-time faculty may borrow up to 5 books with related materials at a time for the full semester. The faculty members have to return books and other borrowed resources to the library at the end of each semester. The officers of the university may borrow up to 3 books with related CDs at a time for a maximum of two weeks and may renew only for two further weeks.

Graduate students and TAs (GA & UGA) may borrow up to 3 books with related CDs and undergraduate students may borrow 2 books with related CDs at a time for a maximum of two weeks (i.e. 14 days) and may renew only for two further weeks.

Late Fine

If any borrower fails to return borrowed item(s) in due date, Tk.20.00 (twenty) per day fine will be charged for each item. If any user loses or damages any item of library resources s/he has to replace it or pay the current value of lost or damaged item(s) plus 20% service charge. [Please contact PAU library for detailed library rules]

Library Catalogue

PAU library catalogue is open to all users and they can search, browse, print and download information from library catalogue database through #URL

Book Requisition

The faculty members, students and officers may place their demand of books and other information resources through the Chairman or Director or Head of the Department to the library for procurement. Book Requisition Form is available at Book Requisition.

Book Reservation

All registered library users may reserve up to 3 books or CDs at a time for 48 hours through library website User login to personal account is required before reserving the item(s).


AArts & Social Sciences Section: PAU-ext. 1360, Research & Reference, Engineering and Applied Sciences and Life Sciences Sections: PAU-ext. 1359, Cyber and A-V Section: PAU-ext. 1358, Periodicals Section: PAU-ext. 1358, Acquisition & Processing and Study Hall: PAU-ext. 1353, PAU PABX: 880-2-55668200. Email:, Website: