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University education is not complete without activities and programs to develop and improve a student’s social and personal life. Primeasia University (PAU) is a vibrant, dynamic, active community with a variety of activities, clubs and events in almost every area of interest. In order to know interesting people, become a part of the community and build a niche university experience, Campus Life is an absolute fundamental part of PAU education for the integral development of our students and become leaders in the real world.

The Campus Life Office is here to empower students to learn, lead and participate in a variety of opportunities to create a lively and vibrant campus. While academic achievement leading to graduation is a reason to attend the University, the experiences students have outside the classroom show that it has an important impact on their whole life.

Our mission is to offer students with different opportunities to enhance their maturity, leadership skills, time management, friendships, career development and social involvement as well as many other important life skills that develop their overall knowledge and make them competent to deal with the practical world outside the University Campus after they graduate.

We encourage students to grow mentally, socially, physically and emotionally through their involvement in different Campus Life Program, Student Clubs and Organizations, Cultural-Art Programs, Leadership development and Trainings. Our Community Outreach Programs and Services promote an equitable and participatory university community based on a culture of broader social and community understanding.

Campus Life is a strong concept of a developing society where our students live together, work together and take care of themselves according to PAU tradition. Also, if YOU can't find what you need, get involved and create a new opportunity. Soon you will have a lot of company.

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  • High quality and experienced teachers from IBA, BUET, DU and University's own faculty.
  • Computer, Language, Biological and Textile Labs.
  • Students counseling facilities.
  • Remedial /Foundation courses.
  • On campus co-op programme.
  • Well equipped library.
  • Online Admission.

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Primeasia University was founded on an agenda of social responsibilites to provide higher education to all.Since higher education is the most effective tool to meet today’s diversified social challenges including population explosion, illiteracy, poverty, food insecurity, and depleting naturally endowed resources while, side-by-side, entrepreneurship, leadership, and good governance in the society. It is a key to intellectual growth that allows one to develop new models and standards and to be guided by strong moral reasoning, ethics, dignity, and enthusiasm.









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