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Welcome to Office of Proctor

The Primeasia University has a glowing developed proctorial body. Proctorial body of the Primeasia University consisting of 'One Proctor and Ten Assistant Proctors'. They are responsible for the discipline and conduct of student within the Primeasia University Campus. The Proctorial body also performs other duties and responsibilities as desired by the Vice-Chancellor regarding desciplinary activites of the Primeasia University.


Mr. Mohammed Mosaraf Hossain

Proctor & Assistant Professor
Primeasia University
BBA-AIUB, MBA-DIU, PGD(Switzerland & England)
Mobile: 01404-098131
Telephone: PABX-239

Message From Proctor

The Proctor Office at Primeasia University is responsible to report to the office of the Vice Chancellor as well as to the “Disciplinary Committee” to make the judgment of any adverse issues related to the discipline. Proctor Office is highly committed to the student development in terms of manner, attitude and etiquette, along with smooth discipline in the campus.

The challenge to keep discipline in the university campus is growing as students’ enrollment in the university is increasing. Primeasia University proctorial body constituted with 12 members to meet the requirements of the student’s demands to keep the campus smooth for their study and career prospects. “Proctorial Body” consists of one proctor and 11 assistant proctors. Assistant proctors are assigned in each floor of the premises to ensure the smooth discipline.

Students are very cordial to make the campus smooth for their educational environment. Primeasia University has well defined disciplinary rules and regulations for the students and to ensure they are safe in campus. Proctorial body is working for student’s career development and ethical improvement in their vivid career path. Proctor office is integrated to coordinate with the different committees to support the procedures of entire disciplinary activities. These committees are disciplinary committee, monitoring cell, complain committee for sexual harassment, anti narcotics committee and jongibad protirod committee.

Proctor office is also coordinating with different clubs to maintain liaison with the student’s disciplinary issues as well as coordinating with direct supervision with career service, admission and security department along with social affairs activities where the student’s activities are directly involved. Students must consult disciplinary matters as prescribed in the “CODE OF CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINARY RULES,” a guide book of Primeasia University.