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Welcome to Office of the Controller of Examinations

An examination is a necessity-not an option; above all, it is a blessing. The Examination department of PAU is committed to fulfill the following objectives.
To ensure that PAU examination system is accurate, valid and authentic. To aim at imparting real life knowledge and develop skills of mental power of reasoning of the students. To foster to cultivate punctuality, integrity, written and communicative skills, expression of creative thoughts and opinion as well as ethical and aesthetic values. To promote student’s self confidence. To motivate students to be competitive globally.

Office of the Controller of Examinations

Brig Gen Syed Mofazzel Mowla (Retd)

Controller of Examinations
Primeasia University,
MA in Sociology, DU
Graduate in Security from Asia Pacific Centre for Security Studies, Hawaii, USA
Graduate in Defence Management from Cranefield University held in Srilanka
Former Controller of Examinations (BUP)
Former Inspector of Colleges (BUP)
Former Dean, CHSR (BUP)

Message From Controller of Examinations

The examination process is the most critical and confidential wing of a University. It is our responsibility and duty to keep the process efficient and transparent. The Controller of Examinations office has playing significant roles in conducting examinations keeping the highest level of confidentiality, accuracy, reliability and authenticity. The Examination System has designed not only to motivate the students to acquire fair knowledge of their subject but also to show their interest, intelligence and power of reasoning. The Controller office is playing a vital role in the academia by keeping an eye on the highest level of quality education being implemented through examinations and results. In determining honor, graduation, certification, placement and promotion the examination grade has become an important criteria. The grade for both written and oral examination has an integral part of the educative process in every program of education and training. The Primeasia University believes that better examination system ensure higher rate of student success.

The team members of the Controller office have been able to instate the credibility, reliability and functionality of this office. By virtue of deep involvement and dedication in the examination matters, I am pleased that Controller office now plays a vital role in the University’s strategic decisions.

In this COVID-19 period, the examination team has embarked on reshaping examinations system using IT facilities. In this regard, I am pleased to share that all my colleagues of Controller office working sincerely and honestly to provide all kinds of facilities within very short time with a better insight about the examination department and its various functions.

I believe that your feedbacks and suggestions will become resourceful asset for the Controller office, faculty and Primeasia University in general.