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PAU Career Services

The Office of Career Services works to educate, connect, and advise students about opportunities relevant to aspiring graduates and alumni in order to foster their intellectual, social, and personal transformations.

Office of the Career Services assists students in exploring majors, finding internships and jobs, launching careers and pursuing their professional goals. We work closely with employers to develop internship and full-time opportunities for PAU students and graduates.

It is our vision to accompany students in all stages of their career development process in order to enable them to become the leaders for tomorrow.

The Office of the Career Services of Primeasia University works hard to support all of their students with career planning and professional skills building throughout the duration of their course. Students (and also graduates) have access to all of the services that we provide; including face to face appointments to discuss any aspect of their career planning, career workshops and webinars.

About Career Service Office

Collaborative works source of exclusive & bespoke opportunities

Employers of the local industries offer a wide range of freelance and often exclusive work, as well as placements, internships and graduate jobs for students and graduates via Career Services Office to suit all ambitious students from different disciplines of the university.

Learn to develop freelance practice as well as how to secure a job in the industry

We work with students and graduates who want to develop their own freelance practice and link them to the many exclusive entrepreneurial initiatives that students can get involved in, from competitions to raise funds, to grow a business, to enterprise boot camps designed to finely tune entrepreneurial skills.

We also organize and arrange events concentrated on increasing the employability skills of our students, with high profile guest speakers, targeted workshops, alumni panels and job fairs.

Through those bespoke sessions, experiences and opportunities, we help graduating students to ensure that they are composed with the knowledge and experience to impress the employers and to boost the confidence to begin a successful and rewarding career.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Office of Career Services (PAUOCS) is to empower, educate and assist students and alumni through information sharing and skills training in searching jobs and planning career development. The Office of Career Services provides resources to prepare students for job searches and to choose careers based upon their individual strengths.

The primary mission of PAUOCS is to facilitate existing students of Primeasia University to become completely marketable by strategizing a career map that runs simultaneously to their academic endeavors. Therefore, we enrich students with the knowledge, skills and competencies which are required to become an effective future business leader.

The Office of Career Services (PAUOCS) helps students and alumni to prepare for their first move in the job market through information sharing, guidance and skill training. We are dedicated to improve the training experience continuously to meet the emerging needs of the corporate world. During the year, we arrange various programmes, seminars and workshops, which are open for current students and alumni. This includes but is not limited to corporate presentation-to know the reality of the job market, cover letter and CV/resume writing, job search, Competency based job interview technique, mock interview, company site visit, alumni career insider talks, career fair, on campus recruitment, internship and job placements (part time and full time) etc.

We take pride that Primeasians have been securing their internship and job placement in reputed organizations including top multinationals and local conglomerates of various industries. We encourage students to work hard to maintain high CGPA, engage them in extracurricular activities and obtain work experience which may not be directly related to their academic major.

We strongly encourage our current students, alumni and also the prospective students to become familiar with the range of services that we offer from the Office of Career Services (OCS) and take the full advantage of it. Primeasia University focuses on providing quality education and skills which is necessary to be succeeded in life. The courses and curriculum of PAU were designed to build a solid foundation for any chosen career path. The OCS has been established with the purpose to combine not only class room education but also to provide young learners soft skills needed at work.

The objectives of the Office of Career Services is to prepare students for internships, help them in career search process, and foster their career development action plans.

Understanding the needs of students

The staff of Career Services meet individually with students to know about their interests and future plans. This personal contact with the students enables us to understand the needs of individual student, such as internships, graduate school, jobs or career guidance, life goals or simply whatever they need.


Career Services arranges specialized hands-on workshops on Career Planning, Leadership, Motivation etc. All workshops are FREE OF CHARGE.

Skills 4 Career: For students of Semester 3 to 7, the following skills are covered:

  • Career Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivation
  • Team Building

Career Vision: For students of Semester 8 and above, the following skills are covered:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Vocabulary Works
  • Discovering your dream job
  • Realities of the job market
  • Networking Skills
  • How to market yourself
  • Internet Etiquette
  • Professional CVs
  • Interview Skills

OCS Events

Representatives of national and international organizations, study abroad specialists, banks, corporate trainers and recruiters from businesses regularly visit our events.

Job Searches

Office of Career Services assists eligible students to find jobs in local, national and international job opportunities are advertised on a Job Board in the Center and departments. Students are also being notified about those jobs openings through our social media pages and university website.

OCS Resources

In addition to books, newspapers and journals about international schools and graduate entrance exams (GRE, GMAT), the Center also has a dedicated computer with Internet access, as well as a printer, for student’s use for searching jobs and uploading CVs to job sites.

Records of Graduates

Office of Career Services keep files on all graduated students which contains a student’s CV, letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc. Graduates are required to notify the OCS of any change in job placement. Furthermore, OCS will contact graduates at least once a year to maintain an up-to-date records.

Contact Information

If you are struggling with a career decision, need help on your resume, or are not sure how to get started with the internship and job search, feel free contact Career Services.

Contact Hours

Six days in a week
Saturday - Thursday
(9:00am - 5:00pm)
Friday: Closed
Open other days

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Level 14 | Star Tower | House 12 | Kemal Ataturk Avenue
Banani C/A | Dhaka | Bangladesh
Ext- 345
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