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To make this Policy effective, a “Zero” tolerance approach has been adopted. This Policy is applicable to all students, faculty members, officers, and staffs. Primeasia University is committed to ensuring a pleasant, safe, harassment-free and friendly environment for all students, staffs, and officers with the aims and objectives as:

  • To create awareness about harassments among all;
  • To create awareness about the consequences of such offenses;
  • To create awareness that all sort of harassments is punishable offenses. etc

Disciplinary Rules of PAU

Any Acts, Ordinances and any Rules adopted under any ordinance, as enacted/ promulgated by the Government and any compatible Guidelines or Directions imposed by PAU to ensure discipline within the institution. In this Policy, the management of PAU ensures that a woman of any age as defined in the Nari o Shishu Nirjaton Domon Ain, 2000 within the campus, will be safe and protected.

To create awareness and public opinion, PAU takes initiatives as:

  • To create a safe environment and to eliminate and prevent gender discrimination and harassment and violence in every corner of the intuition, the concerned authority shall give the utmost importance to awareness raising publications and communication. To this end, monthly and six monthly orientations shall be arranged for all newly appointed employees.
  • If required, necessary counseling shall be arranged for any concerned person
  • The relevant sections of the Constitution and statutory laws which provide for women’s rights shall be published in simply language notifications to build the awareness of all;
  • To increase awareness among law enforcing agencies, the employer of the organization shall hold regular communications and effective dialogue with the administrative authority;
  • Booklets shall be published setting out the provisions of the Constitution and statutory laws on gender equality and on sexual offenses, and all these guidelines;
  • Awareness shall be created about the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Steps for Prevention:

Primeasia University sets out various steps to remove gender discrimination. The following steps have been taken gradually by the ‘Complaint Committee’ to fulfill such duties:

  • Taken extensive and effective measures to notify publish and communicate the prohibitions on such violence and harassment.
  • Communicates extensively the provisions on gender discrimination contained in the constitution and statutory laws, and all offenses regarding sexual violence and harassment;
  • Ensured the work environment is not hostile to female students, faculty, and officers. The belief and confidence have been created among women students and employees of the university that they are not in an unwelcome environment compared to their male co-mates/workers.

Disciplinary Action:

According to Policy of the university, disciplinary action shall be taken to prevent violence and harassment. If the disciplinary rules of the university do not contain the above-mentioned behaviors, then effective steps must be taken to receive complaints for resistance violence and harassment and for providing remedies. For this purpose, the following shall be included in the procedure for receiving complaints;

  • Until the offense is proved, the identity of the complainant and the accused person shall not be disclosed;
  • The complainant’s safety must be ensured by the concerned authority;
  • The victim of the offense can file the complaint herself or through a relative, friend, lawyer and through the mail;
  • The complainant may separately complain to a woman member of the Complaints Committee;
  • The complaint must be filed to the Complaints Committee formed by the authority of the intuition according to the guideline of the High court
  • Committee to receive complaints, conduct investigations and make recommendations;
  • The Complaints Committee comprise of 6 members of whom the majority is women. The head of the Committee is a woman;
  • Two members of the Complaints Committee are from outside of the university; Working Procedures of the Complaints Committee: Generally, any grievance ought to be submitted to the Complaints Committee within 30 working days from the incident. To confirm the reality of the complaint, the Committee will:
  • In cases of minor harassment, the Complaints Committee will resolve the complaint with the consent of both parties and send a report to the concerned authority of the intuition regarding this matter;
  • In every other case, the Complaints Committee will investigate the matter;
  • The Complaints Committee will have powers to give notice to both parties and to witnesses by registered post, to conduct hearings, to collect information and evidence and to examine all relevant documents.
  • In case of such complaints, in addition to oral testimony, other circumstantial testimony will also be given importance.
  • The concerned authority of the institution will provide all kinds of support to the Complaints committee at its request for its effective functioning.
  • If the complainant withdraws the complaint or requests an end to the investigation, then the Committee will investigate the reason for this and mention it in the report.
  • The Complaints Committee will submit their investigation report on their recommendations to the concerned authority of the intuition within 30 days. If necessary the time limit of 30 working days may be increased to 60 working days.
  • If it is proven that the false complaint has been intentionally filed, then the Complaints Committee will recommend to the concerned authority of the institution that appropriate action be taken against the complainant(s).
  • The Complaints Committee shall make its decisions in accordance with the opinion of the majority of its members.


  • The concerned authority may temporarily dismiss the accused person.
  • In the case of special situation, according to the recommendation of the Complaints Committee, the concerned authority may suspend or cancel the studentship.
  • If the accusation of physical harassment is proved against the accused person, then the concerned authority will treat the matter as misconduct, and according to the disciplinary rules of the institution will take suitable action within 30 days.
  • If the said complaint is considered an offense under the Penal Code or any other prevailing law, then it shall send the matter to the appropriate Court or Tribunal.
  • This Policy shall be complied with and monitored at all levels within PAU until any appropriate law is enacted.

According to the Guidelines contained in the judgment dated 14.05.2009 of the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, 2009, Primeasia University authority has formed a ‘Complaint Committee’ comprising of six (6) members in 2010 and since then the committee is working according to the policy of the university.