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Institute of Language & Culture

The University's Institution of Language and Culture is for all students, academics and professional staffs who want to improve their language skills.

Our expert teachers use modern teaching methods and high-quality resources to teach in small groups. We are going to help eagerness people of different ages and abilities to advance their languages.

Our Language Library has multi-media materials available to borrow in over 20 languages and space for you to study. Website of the Language and Culture Institution is going to provide many online resources to enhance your language learning.

Our dedicated floor of the university building is a haven for anyone in the University who wants to join our community of language lovers, giving you a space to share your language skills and exchange cultural experiences.

Whether you want to enhance your research skills, read more widely, communicate with people more easily, improve your career prospects or simply learn something new, the Language and Culture Institution offers a central hub for everyone.

You are most welcome to join us.